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Interreg I2I: From Isolation to Inclusion

Strengthening social inclusion is widely used in Europe as a basis for combating complex problems such as loneliness. In this context, in 2019 Assen was given the opportunity to conduct research in the Interreg project I2I (From Isolation to Inclusion) together with European partners. Assen participates in this project with 11 partners from 7 different countries. (The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway).

Within the project we work with the so-called ‘Quadruple helix’. This means that we always work together from four aspects. We make co-creation between government, research, business and end users.

The results of the I2I project in Assen are recorded in a final report, including our developed vision on playing, moving and meeting. This data is collected in a European context. In doing so, we contribute to effective working methods to tackle loneliness and inclusion in Europe.

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