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The EU Office of the Northern Netherlands is an in-house office representing the cities Groningen Leeuwarden Assen and Emmen in the EU. The EU Office is situated at the House of the Dutch Provinces in Brussels.





Presenting innovative projects

The aim of the office is to represent the interests of the cities and to develop innovative projects with international partners in the EU. The goal is to find partners from other regions and cities, connect them to our projects and perceive new developments and projects which can contribute to our economic challenges. This way we want to improve the competitiveness, and the development of businesses in the Northern Netherlands.

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Coolest Square in Town (LIFE)

Heat stress is one of the big challenges cities are currently facing. The municipality of Groningen is making the Damsterplein greener and more climate adaptive with the help of the EU funding programme LIFE.

Now the square is fully paved, only has a few trees and is spherical, which means that rainwater cannot be infiltrated. Besides, the square is not a vivid place to stay, due to a lack of seating and its grey appearance. The construction of green islands, public seats, planting and water storage facilities should change this. The new ‘park’ will be built on top of a parking garage, which sets further requirements to the weight distribution of the green islands. The edges of the square create most possibilities for green and water. Adding green and bioswales makes water storage possible. Trees and façade gardens limit the effects of direct sunlight and will cool by evaporation. More innovative techniques are also being investigated, such as buffering excessive rainwater in the car park, which allows reuse for toilet facilities or the watering of planting.