POLIS Member Spotlight: Groningen

Prepare to be inspired! ‘Member in the Spotlight’ returns with an exciting showcase of Groningen, the well-deserved recipient of the 2023 Annual POLIS Award for its remarkable achievements in sustainable mobility. In an exclusive interview conducted by Quaid Cey, explore the captivating insights shared by Terry Albronda, Policy Advisor on Smart Mobility for the City of Groningen, courtesy of POLIS.

Nestled in the dynamic Northern Netherlands, Groningen stands as a beacon of progressive urban planning, where sustainable mobility transcends mere aspiration to become a vibrant reality. Embark on a journey through Groningen’s pioneering strategies, from its daring traffic management policies to its collaborative efforts across the European community. Through the lens of Terry Albronda’s expertise, gain profound insight into Groningen’s unwavering dedication to crafting a city where pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport thrive.

To read the full interview, click here.

Source: POLIS