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Pieter Faber is head of the EU Office of the cities Northern Netherlands, founded in May 2015. Pieter graduated from Utrecht University and holds an MSc in Social Geography and Planning (2003). Between 2003 and 2004 he was studying at Leiden University in public administration. During his career, Pieter has been active in various local governments and the business world. Before his job in Brussels, he was head of economic affairs in the municipality of Assen. Pieter Faber is member of the management board of the European network ERRIN and chair of the Smart Cities and Communities and the Energy working groups. Additionally, he’s leading the Small and Medium-sized Cities Platform within the POLIS network. Pieter is also the chair of the City Representatives within the PED Stakeholder group and the Steering Committee of the SET-Plan PED programme.

Pieter Faber
Head of EU Office

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